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electrical height adjustable table leg

Why should we buy an electric height adjustable table?

Why should we buy an electric height adjustable table? Because no matter sitting or standing for a long time will have a bad effect on human body. Only sit-stand alternate is the most scientific working way. I believe electric height adjustable table will lead a big change in healthy office. The dangers of sedentary work Sitting is the most gentle …

Height adjustable table–do you know how to choose?

The origin of the height adjustable table Electric height adjustable table – originated in Europe and the United States. In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, more and more people sitting too much in office, began to be introduced into China, so that a lot of people get a good use experience. In the face of a wide …

Standing table doubles your work efficiency in the home-office era

The growth of the business world has led to many industries. While the global epidemic has speed up the digitization of industries, and enabling collaborative work online. And one standing table doubles your work efficiency in the home-office era. The global “Big Four” all have telecommuting benefits, and Germany and UK has announced permanent telecommuting. Therefore, this shows that the …

Why do you need electrical height adjustable standing desk?

996 wokrers need an adjustable standing desk As 996 workers, personal health also need to focus on. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution. Not long ago, taking advantage of Double 11 bought the electrical adjustable standing desk. Double motor smooth lifting, 120Kg large bearing, 64-129cm height range, a table multi-purpose, hands-on experience is still very good. …

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Migo factory tour guide

Migo’s factory tour guide

L shape height adjustable desk showroom

Using dual motor height adustable desk good for your health

According to the Daily Mail on August 21, public health experts have suggested: Office workers should using dual motor height adustable desk, stand for at least an hour a day to help prevent obesity, heart disease and even cancer. People who sit for a long time should stand more, which is very beneficial to health. Using dual motor height adustable desk …

height adjustable desk

Why should we choose height adjustable desk?

Why should we choose height adjustable desk? Whether sitting or standing for a long time has a bad physiological impact on the human body, only sitting station alternating is the most scientific, which will lead to a great change in healthy office. The dangers of sedentary work obesity Sitting for a long time every day, the intake of calories more than …

round leg dual motor height adjustable desk

What is height adjustable desk?

What is height adjustable desk? Profile Height adjustable table is widely used in European and American countries. And domestic also gradually approbate and begin to be applied widely.Its value is to help office workers get rid of sitting for a long time and realize working while standing. The development of the sit-stand table Through the evolution process of human beings from …

office project case sit to stand desk

The specification of our electronic height adjustable desk

The characteristics Rise and fall free, can stand and sit alternately office, stand and sit alternately do not hinder the busy affairs at hand. Easy to operate, just gently press the button can automatically adjust to the specified height. Memory function storage: you can adjust the function key to a fixed position according to their suitable height for convenience. The …

curved shape bamboo office table top

The migodesk table top with curved shape

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade to an adjustable height desk. When you get to the option that let you select your table top, you notice that some of the tops have an “ergo edge.” It’s all about the shape.   With a normal rectangular desktop, the edge is a hard straight line. This isn’t always the most comfortable thing for …

height adjustable desk handswitch

Smart handset with four memory switch

That mysterious black box hangs like a brain at the bottom of your ascension desk. Just like your brain, your brain can do all kinds of things. However, its function for a piece of furniture is quite amazing. In addition to remembering your favorite height settings, adjusting your minimum and maximum heights to ease the pain of sitting or standing, the raised desk …

More healthier way to study and work

More healthier way to study and work Several studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time being harmful to our health, such as the most common chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis. More severe cases can lead to vascular embolism and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in our daily study and office work, relevant media and experts advocate sitting and standing for a period …

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