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What is height adjustable desk?

May 26, 2021

What is height adjustable desk?


Height adjustable table is widely used in European and American countries. And domestic also gradually approbate and begin to be applied widely.Its value is to help office workers get rid of sitting for a long time and realize working while standing.

The development of the sit-stand table

Through the evolution process of human beings from walking on four legs to walking upright, through the investigation of the development history of furniture in the world by researchers, it was found that human beings found that sitting down in daily activities was beneficial to reduce fatigue after walking upright, so they invented sitting tools.This way of sitting work subsequently passed down, but as people sat in the office more and long time, people gradually realize that sedentary instead not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency, people begin to try to sit stand alternating office, gradually lifting table also occurs, use height adjustable desk become a popular way of health office.

The classification of lifting table

Automatic lifting table is generally electric power source, through the motor control mechanism to adjust the height of the lifting table, but also through the compressor control pressure bar or hydraulic bar to adjust the height of the lifting table.

Advantages: small power consumption, stable and beautiful style, large range of lifting.

This kind of table has form of single column and double column, lift way has remote control and hand to control two kinds, this concept goes abroad popular, at present domestic also has professional manufacturer production and have developed patent product.

Shortcoming: the price is not poor, single double column price is above USD200, foreign and same product price is higher.Its main lifting depends on electric lifting system, lifting system determines its service life, because the lifting system is a mature industry, solid selection of quality manufacturers generally will not appear quality problems.

The beginning of the 21st century for the majority of foreign companies and urban office personnel selected.More popular in the west.

Non-automatic lifting table

The non-automatic lifting table is a simplification of the automatic lifting table. It eliminates the motor or compressor, and adjusts the mechanical device, hydraulic bar and pneumatic bar by manpower

Advantage: the price low does not use electricity or oil

Disadvantages: to lift a little effort, the need to use the hand to pull some buttons to achieve the purpose of raising, and, the height of the rise is limited, most of the similar products sold on some websites work ordinary, single, very easy to fall. Common is the kind of center a column, chassis and desktop narrow small appearance, the price is in USD100 or so commonly.

standing desk converter

Standing desk converter is to put on a table, which is workbench. With the help of pneumatic, lifting and falling is realized by hand.




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