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Why should we buy an electric height adjustable table?

July 9, 2021

Why should we buy an electric height adjustable table? Because no matter sitting or standing for a long time will have a bad effect on human body. Only sit-stand alternate is the most scientific working way. I believe electric height adjustable table will lead a big change in healthy office.

The dangers of sedentary work

Sitting is the most gentle form of “slow suicide” according to the Life Times, which was reprinted by Xinhua.

1. Fat

Sitting too much every day, intake of calories is greater than the calories consumed, so the fat in the body is easy to accumulate, and weight will rise.

2. Memory loss

Sedentary, blood circulation slows down, bring about brain to supply blood insufficiency. And produce spirit to suppress, performance body is tired and and spirit is dispirited, and yawning

3. Lumbar disease

Keep sitting for a long time, the weight of the whole body is pressed at the bottom of the spine, plus the shoulder and neck are not active for a long time, which is easy to cause cervical spine stiffness. And even lead to vertebral deformation and induce arched back and bone hyperplasia.

4. Loss of appetite

Sedentary lack of systemic movement, make gastrointestinal peristalsis weakened, and reduce the secretion of digestive juice. Over time, symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion and fullness will appear.

5. Gynecological diseases

Many women get cervical disease not because of poor hygiene habits, but because of sitting too much. Sitting too much will hinder the generation of immune cells, leading to a decline in resistance. In addition, blood circulation is not smooth, easy to cause cervicitis and other gynecological diseases

The benefits of standing desk

According to a report on the health channel of People’s Daily Online, a US study found that standing makes people more likely to focus on working.  So standing in office is more beneficial.

1. When standing, you can promote the blood circulation of the whole body to be more smooth, so that the whole body gets more oxygen and energy, and is more energetic

2. You’re more focused when you’re standing. Because standing will give you a sense of urgency and focus on working.

3. When standing, you can open up the meridians of the whole body. So that the energy of the whole body flows naturally, and make the body healthier.

4. Standing makes you more alert and clears your mind

5. When you stand, your spine is straight, so you don’t hunchback. And it keeps you in good shape, and prevents nearsightedness

6. Standing gives you more time to rest. Sitting to work for a long time, the body is numb, also you still do not know that you should rest. But when you’re tired of standing, you can let yourself know that it’s time to take a break, which will increase your productivity.

So every should buy a electric height adjustable table. Because electric height adjustable table not only good for your health, but also can improve your work and study efficiency.


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