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Height adjustable table–do you know how to choose?

July 2, 2021

The origin of the height adjustable table

Electric height adjustable table – originated in Europe and the United States. In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, more and more people sitting too much in office, began to be introduced into China, so that a lot of people get a good use experience.

In the face of a wide range of brands of lifting table, how should we choose to meet their daily needs, suitable for their own office lifting table? If you have a purchase need but do not know how to choose, let’s us have a look together.

What is a height adjustable table?

Let’s keep it simple, a table which can adjust height, that is a height adjustable table.

Some scholars investigated the history of furniture found that humans found sitting down in daily activities was beneficial to reduce fatigue after walking too much, so they invented chairs.

However, as people spend more and more time sitting in office, they gradually realize that sitting for too long is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. People begin to try alternately sitting and standing in office, and gradually the lifting desk appears. Using the lifting desk and standing office has become a popular and healthy way of working.

Types of height adjutstable table

1. Hand cranked height adjustable table:

The first model lifting table, mostly hand cranked lifting; the advantage is that the price is low, and does not consume electricity or oil;

But the bad place is that it takes too much effort to achieve lifting, and it is relatively thin. There will be more obvious shaking in the lifting process, and even the object on the table will be shaken down. Under the circumstances of sufficient budget, individuals are not recommended to buy.

2. Automatic height adjustable table:

Modern more popular lifting table, generally electrically powered, electric motor to control the mechanical device, adjust the height of the lifting table. The advantages are small power consumption, beautiful style, thick and stable, large range of lifting; The disadvantage is that it is more expensive.

3. Pneumatic table lifting table:

Small lifting table placed on the traditional table, generally through the gas spring power, to achieve lifting.

How to choose the height adjustable table?

Most people will choose the electric height adjustable table, more convenient and faster, good stability, and more functions; So how do you choose?

1. The motor:

After all, it is an electric lifting, so the motor is a more important factor. A good lifting system also determines the service life of the lifting table. After all, it is something to be used for a long time. No one wants it to be “retired” too early.

There is also the distinction of single and double motors. Single motors are cheaper than double motors, but doublle motors is more stable, faster and more quiet, the load is larger, and the functionality will be more. After all, you get what you pay for.

2. Steel frame structure

Some good brands of lifting table are very stable. Even if there are 120kg on the table, which is still very stable and no vibrate in lifting. Also some brands of lifting table is shaken in the process of lifting. So please double compare with them and choose carefully.

3. Table top

There are too much choices for table top. You can buy the height adjustable table leg from different supplier. The following three factors are that you should consider when you buy table top.

Table top size:

Usually 1200*600, 1400*700, 1500*750, 1600*800, 1800*800mm. Of course, you can also customize the size.

Table top shape:

Table top shape is also distinguished, there are right Angle and round corner of the table. I recommend rounder corner, more beautiful also to avoid collision injury. Also have round edge, slope edge and middle curved.

Desktop material:

MDF: MDF faced pvc, which can make the round edge and slope edge and more ergonomic shape, which is more puplular now. 

MFC: chipboard facedmelamine, cheaper price

Bamboo: real bamboo, the surface sprayed varnish

Real Wood: oak, ash, walnut, maple, cherry, and beech real wood.

Environmental protection:

Choosing the high level of environmental protection is right, but do you know know how to choose. See as belows:

E0 standard: Formaldehyde≤0.5mg/l

E1 standard:Formaldehyde≤1.5mg/l

E2 standard:Formaldehyde≤5.0mg/l

Now we can see E0 is the top standard. Off course. E1 is also acceptable in some country.

Finally, you can choose a height adjustable table suitable for your need. And consider from the quality, price and the specifitions.


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