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Migodesk is an internationally renowned leader in designing and manufacturing ergonomic products. For more than 10 years, migodesk has set standards for ergonomic office products, for instance, include manual sit stand desk frame, eletrical motorized height adjustable dual motor sit stand desk, and desktop.

Our products are designed by Danish designers. If you have idea to design unique, welcome OEM and ODM collaboration. To ensure provide the top-class products, our factory introduces German advanced manufacturing equipment. For instance, laser cutting machine, robot welding, automatic bending machine, and automatic punching machine and so on. Importing the high quality control box, power plug and the best push rod raw material to guarantee provide the great desk for our customers.


height adjustable desk video
height adjustable desk factory workshop

Why Select MIGO Sit Stand Desk?

  • Quality Assurance

Full-inspection of major spare parts, for example, lifting leg, and controller etc. And every product through rigorous testing before delivery to customers.

  • Cost advantage and provide the most competitive items

Own tooling center and automatic manufacturing equipment.  for example,including progressive die, automatic welding machine, automatic powder coating line, and progressive punching machine, and laser cutting machine, and automatic pickling machine line, which would create more products with less labor to save the cost.

  • Independent research and development

MIGO has a professional R&D group of over 30 Engineers and Technicians focused on designing new ergonomic products to meet our client’s needs.

  • High standard

MIGO is ISO 9001: 2019 certified. Our sit stand desk certificate include UL, CE, and FCC, etc.

  • Efficient Production

With 3 automated assembly lines, 12 laser-cutting machines, 10 robot welding machines, 2 powder coating lines, and other equipments. So our mass production capability have reached 70,000 table per month.

MIGO sit stand desk showroom

One table, suitable for the whole family and free lifting. Play games, work, and do homework. So no more having to buy different desks to suit everyone’s height, and large range of lifting, to meet the needs of most people. Stand on the station, or sit, and ergonomic comfortable design, and truly tailored for you.

In order to make everyone feel and experience the lifting table better, and to build the lifting table experience hall, so every scene can be shot into a high pretend bility movie. Let’s watch together.

  • North Europe Style

European style is characterized by elegance, simplicity and practicality. L – shaped sit stand desk, and happy working. Fashion office space, personality “people set”. The shape, and structure concise atmosphere in the whole supporting natural harmony.

  • Light luxury style

The light luxury style match simple and atmospheric double motor electric lifting sit stand desk, and revealing the pursuit of exquisite and elegant life without trace.

  • Wild style

Whether it is warm red, full of vitality yellow, composed and introverted green, and fresh and elegant blue, in particularly good-looking, and easily can take a girl’s heart bursting photos, and dominate the screen circle of friends!

In the form of real experience, consumers can directly experience the most suitable and comfortable lifestyle in our sit stand desk showroom. So every article between model is stylist collocation carefully, and bring more happiness to your life.

height adjustable desk showroom
height adjustable desk showroom
migodesk factory certificate

MIGO sit stand desk quality control

  • High quality practical design

Developing new products, our experienced research and development team not only meets the customer’s requirements for appearance and performance, but also combines the actual production and practical experience to develop durable, and cost-effective and top-quality products.

  • Total Quality Management System

We have passed the ISO9001:2019 quality management system certification, and established various strict procedures, for example, procurement control, warehouse management system, new product development process, and quality assurance and quality control standards. So, all these efforts give us the confidence to insist on  guaranteeing consistent, and high-quality products.

  • Production automation ensures consistency and stability, and high quality.
In order to ensure the consistency of quality, our factory is equipped with advanced automated production equipment. For instance, laser cutting machines, robotic welding, powder coating lines, and CNC bending, and integrated automatic packaging lines, etc.
  • Multiple tests ensure high quality standards
Our laboratory has invested in various advanced testing equipment. We continue to conduct quality control tests such as displacement test, noise test, vibration test, structural load test, and fatigue test, and package drop test for each batch of products.
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