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The specification of our electronic height adjustable desk

May 26, 2021

The characteristics

  1. Rise and fall free, can stand and sit alternately office, stand and sit alternately do not hinder the busy affairs at hand.
  2. Easy to operate, just gently press the button can automatically adjust to the specified height.
  3. Memory function storage: you can adjust the function key to a fixed position according to their suitable height for convenience.
  4. The appearance is concise, generous, with the international office trend line, the difference between the traditional desk dull not easy to move style.
  5. It is beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers, can increase work efficiency and make the workplace atmosphere more active.

Technical parameters

Height range: 640-1290mm

Width: 1075-1800mm

Deaktop: (1200-1800)*800mm

Max loading: 150kg

Speed: 38mm/s

Motor life: 40,000tims

Color: White, gray and black

With anti-collision function

LED display

Four memory positions

Reset system function

Warranty: 5 years


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