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The migodesk table top with curved shape

May 26, 2021

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade to an adjustable height desk. When you get to the option that let you select your table top, you notice that some of the tops have an “ergo edge.” It’s all about the shape.


With a normal rectangular desktop, the edge is a hard straight line. This isn’t always the most comfortable thing for wrists. As the edge will tend to press into them causing discomfort as you type away at your 9 to 5. The edge of your wrist presses on your wrist, causing discomfort.There are two remedies for this situation. One remedy is to buy a keyboard tray like a large raised model.This allows you to raise or lower the keyboard above or below the table, or tilt the keyboard downward to relieve pressure on your wrists, arms, and shoulders.


The second remedy for hard desktops is to reinvent the edges of the desktop, which is what we did with ergo edge. As a result, curved edges cut from the edge of the table can be as deep as 3 inches. Our eco-roof is the same as a 1-inch bamboo roof. Instead of forming a hard line around your wrist, the curved edge cut out from the middle of the table gently circles your wrist.If you want to keep your keyboard on your desktop, this is a good choice. In other words, if you have the ergo edge, it acts like a keyboard tray and takes pressure off your wrist. You really don’t need both, unless you just like the look and want the extra tunability provided by the keyboard tray.


Once you decide to use the ergo edge or keyboard tray (or both), everything else should be pretty simple, but as with all things ergo, if you have any further questions, please contact us at



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