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Smart handset with four memory switch

May 26, 2021

That mysterious black box hangs like a brain at the bottom of your ascension desk. Just like your brain, your brain can do all kinds of things. However, its function for a piece of furniture is quite amazing. In addition to remembering your favorite height settings, adjusting your minimum and maximum heights to ease the pain of sitting or standing, the raised desk now has more tricks.


If you ever wanted your table to go from one touch to frequent touch, and vice versa, the latest upgrade, the raised table, now has the ability! For those less familiar with the raised desk, “one-click” refers to the memory preset button on the advanced digital memory keyboard. Once you find a height you like, you can save the height in one of the four preset buttons.When the one-click function is activated, press the button to release it once, and the table will automatically adjust to the height you saved. Here’s how you go about it:


Setting the memory function

When the desk rises to the height which you want to memorize, please press and hold the “M” button till the display flashes and then press ”1” button. Position 1 is now memorized. Repeat the above procedure for positions 2, 3 & 4. These four number buttons can memorize four different heights repeatedly. And those data won’t be lost in case power is off.


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