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More healthier way to study and work

March 19, 2020

More healthier way to study and work

Several studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time being harmful to our health, such as the most common chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis. More severe cases can lead to vascular embolism and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, in our daily study and office work, relevant media and experts advocate sitting and standing for a period of time to get up and move. But what do we do when we feel we can’t stop the work at hand?The answer is to get up and do it.

In view of this situation, migo has introduced an electric lifting table that can be raised and lowered freely to help us realize a healthy working mode that can be changed freely from sitting position to standing position. After experiencing for a while, I would like to share my feelings with you.

Flexible height choice: different from the fixed height of the traditional computer table, migo electric lifting table is equipped with high-quality motor in the two table legs, allowing us to achieve height adjustment.The height is between 64cm-129cm, which can be adapted to users of height between 120cm to 190cm, covering both adults and children, so it also can be used as a learning table for children. Suitable for home or office.


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