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May 26, 2021

The MIGO lifting table focuses on the design of ergonomic safety structure.

For different needs, the production of a variety of functional products. Hand cranked lifting table, single motor height adjustable table, dual motor standing table; and project case series: double seats back to back sit stand table, tilting height adjustable table, 90° and 120° and other large working station series desk.

And standing desk converter, LCD monitor arm and other convenient products, and with a simple and fashionable screen, perfect fit with the concept of traditional and modern design.

One table, suitable for the whole family, free lifting. Playing games, work, doing homework……No more having to buy different desks to suit everyone’s height. Large range of lifting, to meet the needs of most people. Standing on the station, or sitting, ergonomic comfortable design, truly tailored for you.

It can be seen that compared with the ordinary table, the lifting table can effectively prevent spinal and cervical spondylosis and improve work efficiency. Electric lifting table is more intelligent and more worry free. As long as you hold down the up and down keys, you can adjust the height of the table and easily switch the height.


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