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Migodesk is an internationally renowned leader in designing, manufacturing and selling ergonomic products. For more than 10 years, migodesk has set standards for ergonomic office products, including manual sit stand desk frame, electric sit stand desk frame, gas tabletop sit stand desk, standing desk anti-fatigue mat and desktop.

Our products are designed by Danish designers, if you have idea to design unique, welcome OEM and ODM collaboration. To ensure provide the top-class products. Our factory introduces German advanced manufacturing equipment, such as laser cutting machine, robot welding, automatic bending machine, automatic punching machine and automatic painting machine and so on. Importing the high quality control box, power plug and the best push rod and top level steel raw material to guarantee provide the great desk for our customers.


Migo Furniture is an OEM / ODM manufacturer

Capability is supported by efficiency and sufficiency. Proficiency workers and professional engineers are the foundation of each smooth production.

Management is not empty slogan. We run our factory like operating a complex machine. We fullly respect for the rights of workers.


Making Responsible Environmental Choices

We are, at our core, a global OEM/ODM manufacturer seeking to change the world by supplying healthy products. By starting small and helping our communities through our many public outreach projects and by making eco-conscious choices regarding our long-term environmental impact, we hope to achieve this. We offer environmentally conscious desktops made from all-natural Moso bamboo, rubberwood, reclaimed wood, and 100% recycled medium-density fibreboard (MFD). We also utilize recycled aluminum in our desk frames.

We say it all the time – healthy living doesn’t start and stop at work, it’s the little choices we make every day that add up to a healthy lifestyle. We take this seriously, whether it comes to choosing products with little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), donating desks to non-profits that support eco-friendly causes, or doing business with manufacturers with eco-conscious values like ours. We want to make a big difference in many people’s lives while having a small environmental impact.

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