Shenzhen Furniture Co. Migo Bureau, Ltd.

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Vue d’ensemble de l’usine

Our corporate responsibility approach is aligned with the company’s mission and values. It articulates how we see our responsibilities in the areas of access to health, ethical and transparent business practices, environmentally sustainable operations, scientific advancement, employee wellness, and value creation for our shareholders.

  • Notre emplacement

    Le deuxième étage du bâtiment 5A

    Tusincere Technology Park

    qingchun route, Dayun New Town, Longgang District

    Shenzhen, Guangdong, Chine

  • Contactez-nous

    Whatsapp:(00) 86 - 18126506008
    Mobile:(00) 86 - 18126506008

  • Un service
    Temps de travail: 9:00 un m - 18:00 après-midi